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Our work is at the intersection of food people and the planet.


We believe that food is meant to nourish the planet and the communities.


We get up and close with the food! We like to show the details, the textures, the vibrant colors and, whenever there is an opportunity to show the evolution from farm to table, or just the magic transformation process that food goes through, we will.

But it doesn't end there. We also stop to look at the problematic aspects of the food ecosystem and the impact it has on the planet and the communities.

Whether it is in its natural state, going through a transformation, or at any stage, we showcase food in a vibrant, captivating way, and we do so without leaving behind its political nature.



Food is possible because people make it possible.

We love the people that make food possible: farmers, cooks, business owners, servers and any other human experience within the food system, including those who eat it, and those who face challenges when it comes to having access to it.

We like to tell their stories and look to understand the impact that food has on their lives.

We like to see people in action, and we are always willing to interact with them. We prefer to find them in their natural environment, whether it is the farm, the kitchen or the table.




Earth provides us with everything we need, but it also demands to be cared for.

Whenever we talk about food, we talk about the planet. We want to show where food comes from and the impact that a consumerist culture and the use of food as entertainment has on the environment, and on the communities that are touched by the food systems.

We showcase the Earth as the bountiful place it is, bursting with life and providing for us, but we also see it as a living and vulnerable organism that must be treated with respect and cared for.