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Shaping a more inclusive food and media culture that values the planet and nourishes the communities.



Food As Content is a creative storytelling studio specialized in content strategies and sustainable content production for businesses and organizations at the intersection of food, people & the planet.

We strive to be a catalyst for change, shaping a more conscious and inclusive food and media culture that values the planet and nourishes communities, as we engage local and global audiences through the transformative power of food and stories.




The strategy to accomplish our mission is designed around three cores.





We combine our expertise in food media and content with a commitment to sustainability.

Training and Education Activities
We believe that knowledge is meant to be shared and used to empower people. Teaching/learning/building knowledge as a community is at the core of our mission.
Strategic Public Engagement
We are thought leaders inspiring a revolutionary idea of growth in the food and media industries. We look for the right platforms to amplify our message.
Research and Publications
Our continuous construction of knowledge not only takes the shape of engaging visual stories, our research often results in written content that gives context to our work.



We care for the planet and the communities, that commitment is evident in every aspect of our work.

Strategic Community Partnerships
We leverage our relationships and those of our clients and partners with a growing network of organizations fighting hunger, serving the communities, and creating environmental solutions.
Sustainable Production Framework
Our proprietary sustainable food media and content production framework helps us minimize the environmental impact of our productions.
Revolutionary Workforce Approach
Our workforce development system involves partnering with organizations that serve underrepresented communities to provide training under our framework.



We nourish the future, continuously pushing the boundaries of technology and storytelling for good.

A community of changemakers in the media and food industries, as well as academics, small business owners, and environmental and community leaders, gather every month to share insights.
Food Politics Accountability
We get involved with elected officials and industry leaders and hold them accountable for their actions to address problematic aspects of the food systems.
Food 4 Content - Platform
A platform for food lovers and food content creators to do what they love while they contribute to the fight against hunger and support environmental causes.



David Manrique is a New York-based Colombian food photographer, filmmaker, and screenwriter born and raised in Medellin. His work has been featured in publications such as The New York Times and Thrillist, as well as on television, and film festivals.

For the past 6 years, David's work has been concentrated in the food space, working with restaurants, food makers, and brands, while also collaborating with local organizations that are fighting hunger, and supporting small business owners across New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.

In 2023 he founded Food As Content with the mission of shaping a more conscious and inclusive food and media culture that values the planet and nourishes communities.

David is an advisee in the James Beard Foundation Legacy Network 2023-24 cohort and one of the recipients of Shutterstock’s Create Fund grant for diverse creators. He’s also a member of Food Tank, Film Independent, and Professional Photographers of America.

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David Manrique
Founder of Food As Content